From The West


As we near the end of the first quarter of the current masonic year, let’s look back on our recent events.

Our Annual Breakfast and Garage Sale led by WM John Poli was a successful fundraising event. Several brethren from other lodges came and supported us.

We had a beautiful evening with the families during our Valentine’s Day Sweethearts Night. Our ladies enjoyed an evening of dancing and we were treated to a delicious meal prepared by our Junior Warden, Brother Danny Galeon.

Congratulation to Bro. Andrei Chin on being passed to the Masonic degree of Fellow Craft.


The Fellow Craft degree symbolizes the period of adulthood and responsibility during a man’s life on earth, following youth and preceding old age. In this stage, man’s task is to acquire knowledge and apply it to the building and refining of his moral character and to improve the society in which he lives.

The working tools of a Fellow Craft Mason are the plumb, the square, and the level.

The PLUMB is a symbol of moral rectitude, of uprightness of conduct, of living an ethical and “good” life, and of acting on the straight and narrow path of truth, justice, and mercy.

The SQUARE is the symbol of morality, truthfulness, and honesty.

The LEVEL is a symbol of equality and also symbolizes the passage of time, which, in the final analysis, will level us all when we are at last called from earthly labor to face the Supreme Being and have our life’s work reviewed.

Masons are encouraged to “meet on the level” with their Masonic fellows and with all others as they journey through this world together, realizing that, in His eyes, we are all equal.

By applying all these working tools we can be a better man.



Bro. John Chua